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Veshin Factory and NFW announce catalog of MIRUM® products

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Earlier this year, NFW announced a partnership with Veshin Factory to expand access to MIRUM®. Today, we’re excited to announce the next step in our effort to make it easier than ever for brands to introduce MIRUM® into their product lines with the reveal of the Veshin x MIRUM® catalog. Keep reading to find out how to get the first look of the catalog in November. 

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The team at Veshin brings decades of design expertise and craftsmanship to their work with MIRUM®, which will make it easier than ever before for brands to quickly source, design, scale, and launch products using NFW’s technologies. Veshin Factory’s team of expert designers and craftspeople will support brands looking to replace plastic-based alternatives with MIRUM®’s superior, plastic-free performance.

Co-founded by Hongliang Yu and Joey Pringle, built on the principles of sustainability and transparency, Veshin has become a leader in conscious design and manufacture, specializing in using next-generation alternatives to traditional animal leather. Finding design, manufacturing, and sourcing teams committed to making environmental and social change is incredibly difficult. In Veshin, however, NFW has found a team who’s committed to shared values of quality, transparency, and sustainability. Together, Veshin and NFW’s partnership will allow brands unparalleled traceability from raw ingredients and through manufacturing that consumers today demand. 

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"Natural Fiber Welding’s plastic-free, low carbon, leather alternative MIRUM® is the last piece of the puzzle we have been waiting for at Veshin Factory. We know the challenges & catch 22’s within the next-generation material space, however, being able to offer a plastic-free alternative is exactly what the industry has been asking for. Not only does NFW solve the material solution, they heavily align with our philosophy on collaboration. By forming this close relationship, we can now provide a smooth & radically transparent process to the brands who want to collaborate with both of us. By working with NFW, we can now accelerate positive change on a global scale!" said Pringle.  

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