Hyundai attendees view MIRUM prototype

MIRUM® featured at Hyundai Open Innovation Lounge event in Korea

Plastic-free, all-natural MIRUM® was recently featured in an automotive interior prototype by the Hyundai Motor Group. Hyundai’s 2021 Open Innovation Lounge event in Korea showcased new technologies from 12 promising startups from around the world. The company plans to evaluate the featured technologies for applications in future vehicle models.

The innovations showcased at the event varied from charging technology to sustainable materials. As automotive manufacturers are looking to cut carbon, they are thinking holistically about their vehicles, which means addressing more than just gas-powered engines. In fact, the automotive industry is now the second largest consumer of synthetic leather globally. Natural Fiber Welding’s materials offer a truly sustainable solution to the automotive industry’s interior needs. MIRUM is the only material on the market that can deliver on aesthetics, performance, sustainability, and ability to scale.

Scroll down to check out some photos from the event and see MIRUM in action.


An attendee of Hyundai's Open Innovation Lounge views the center console, Made with MIRUM.®


The center console, made with off-white MIRUM. 


A close up of the MIRUM material used in the prototype. 


In addition to the center console, a door panel was also constructed using MIRUM.

luke (2)

NFW Founder and CEO Luke Haverhals showcases MIRUM for event attendees.

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