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MIRUM® makes its footwear debut

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MIRUM® stepped into the footwear industry in a big way this week, making its international debut with two incredible product launches from world-class brands.

Global footwear company Camper released the Runner K21 made with MIRUM in both black and white styles for men and women. 

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“From our home in Mallorca, we witness the irreparable damage that plastic pollution has on our seas, marine life, and ecosystems. By seeking out plastic-free materials like MIRUM®, we aim to reduce plastic waste by shrinking our reliance on unsustainable synthetics,” Camper shared on its website.

H&M also announced their upcoming Cherish Waste collection, which will feature both a MIRUM heel and bracelet. The Cherish Waste collection will be available worldwide in selected stores and online starting April 21.


Cherish Waste is the latest collection in H&M’s Innovation Stories, a series of exclusive collections dedicated to promoting pioneering new materials, technologies, and processes.

NFW’s patented technology sets MIRUM apart in the burgeoning next-gen material space as the only solution that’s truly natural and truly circular. A categorically new leather-like material, MIRUM is proudly produced with 100% all natural ingredients. Learn more about MIRUM for footwear and inquire about MIRUM for your next product.

Stay tuned for more in the coming months, including products from Allbirds!

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